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S M M A X !

~Evolution of Dance~

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Welcome to Step_Mania!

StepMania is basicly DDR for your computer. However, because it is not limited to your local arcade list, you are able to expand your song list however you want, to about infinite! With StepMania, you are able to play just about every DDR arcade or platform mix on your PC!! With simple downloads OR DWI/SM creation and edit, you are able to create new step charts to your favorite songs. And the steping isn't just for the keyboard. With the purchase...or creation (>_>) of a dance pad converter (to USB format), you can now actually step your songs.

Stepmania is gaing popularity with DDR fans all around. Though, sort of on the underground, it is still a cool, newly updated and FREE way to get your DDR groove with just about any DDR song, just about anytime you please.

Please feel free to post new song creations, new links, or anything related to StepMania!

Also check out __ddr and para_para
http://www.bemanistyle.com/- Your number one source for StepMania simfiles and other media, as well forums to discuss StepMania, DDR, PIT, etc.
http://www.bemanistyle.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=16097 - Themes and Skins for StepMania(latest update). *Must be a registered member of Bemanistlye.com forums.
..::When You Join::..
Be CrEaTiVe
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StepMania Verion:
How did you here about StepMania?:
Favorite Song:
Ever Make A DWI or SM file?:
Beginner, Light, Standard, or Heavy:

1. No bashing anyone. Negativity is not the StepMania way. ^ ^
2. Please post when you join, so...we know alive. Don't be scred~
3. When posting scores/screen-caps/color-bars, use a LJ cut.
4. No quizzes.
5. NO spam. Please keep topics DDR/StepMania/SimFiles/etc related.

SM Love
StepMania is AAAA love.

Dis Community is moderated by hiromaru