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uncreative form intro + request [Jul. 28th, 2009|05:10 pm]
Name: JJ
Age: almost 22
StepMania Verion: i've got 4 on windows.
Skin: you can change the skin?
How did you hear about StepMania?: brother pushed it on me
Favorite Song: dam dariram [DDR 4TH MIX] / moonlight shadow [DDR 5TH MIX]
Ever Make A DWI or SM file?: actually....no
Beginner, Light, Standard, or Heavy: light

i'm kinda new to stepmania. i've played regularly for a couple months. still working on light songs, but i'm (very slowly) getting better.

when i was playing with the keyboard (a long time ago) i had a song called 'yatta'. somehow it's gone now. does anybody have 'yatta' that i could get without downloading a couple GB of other songs? thanks!