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One more member [Mar. 1st, 2009|11:33 pm]


ARGHH!! Stepmania!! It's so friggen addictive! Can just keep playing for hours on end..... I didn't expect LJ to have a comm for it tho. Not that everyone's really alive here X3;; I wish I'd joined earlier. Anyway.

21, goddamn. When did that happen... that means I've been playin SM for about 3 yrs.

StepMania Version / Skin / Ever Make A DWI or SM file?
3.9 / Too lazy to change it / All I do is play~

How did you hear about StepMania?
I was enjoying an electric guitar arrangement of Clash on the Big Bridge (FFV) on youtube when I noticed someone bagging it, saying that they'd seen something heaps faster. Anyway, became friends w/ that person (they were talking about BBEVO btw) and it turned out he was friggen AWESOME at some then strange new game called Stepmania :o Aaaaand I was hooked within a day. Been playin ever since that day, haha.. it's funny when I remember my first clumsy attempts ^^;;

Favorite Song
Don't have any, really. I dunno, Death Piano? Cuz it's what I'm tackling atm.

Beginner, Light, Standard, or Heavy:
Usually Challenge. If it's not challenging enough, then Oni - if it's too hard, then Heavy.